Founded on the energy of rock and roll rebellion and inspired by the strength and focus of modern youth, ROCKANDBLUE moves with authenticity in mind, creating styles across borders and genres.

With decades of design experience ROCKANDBLUE specialize in designing outerwear and accessories for all seasons, all occasions and individual style.

Our long heritage in leather, reflects the rebellious strength of Scandinavian design and living. Freedom of expression and the desire to explore fabric, colour, cut and detailing defines us. The diverse and progressive collections are today made out of materials such as suede, wool, faux fur, nylon, down and leather. Bringing style and functionality together is what makes us what we are.

ROCKANDBLUE is represented by the people. The streets are the catwalks. Show the world who you are through fashion and wear what you want to be. Wherever life takes you, find strength in your true identity.

For the coldest Nordic winters to the midnight sun of the brightest summers. From functional warmth to hardwearing toughness, to the bright colours of the lightest summers, ROCKANDBLUE design for the days and nights of your life, whatever they bring.

Our lives are full of change. So when life changes, change with it.